We design with our unique
creative idea from manufacturing
site to end-user.

Our Mission

We contribute to the creation of a
sustainable society

“Respect nature, love people, and bring “WA no KOKORO” spirit to the world” *”WA no KOKORO” is the Japanese spirit composed of “Harmony”, “Peaceful”, and many other national identity.
This is the mission of NIPPON LIFE STYLE.
We name our company name after our country name “NIPPON”.
“NIPPON-JIN” (The Japanese) are people who live in harmony by helping with each other, like the “HINOMARU”(Japanese national flag), as round as the sun, bright and energetic, being grateful the blessings of the sun and the nature they bring. We understand that way.

Therefore, all of NIPPON LIFE STYLE’s activities are based on “being grateful to nature and people “gratitude” and “WA no KOKORO” spirit.

To protect the health and life of love ones, so as to be bright and vibrant world, To preserve and grow a rich natural environment for the future, Through these businesses, we will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.


Our company disseminate the Japanese unique spirit of “ Craftsmanship” by our 4 business categories.

01. Sleep Business

We develop new products and services in order to create new value for “Sleep” which accounts for one-third of life, including selling bedding products.

02. Food Business

We develop products that meet diversifying needs in line with changes in lifestyle. We develop business as well as markets.

03. Wellness Business

We develop products and services that can contribute not only to physical health but also to mentally and socially healthy and prosperous lives.

04. Environmental Business

In order to reduce the burden on the environment, we are working toward a sustainable society through reuse / recycling and utilization of unused resources.


Yasuhiro Inabe Yasuhiro Inabe


Live this day as if it were your last

I’m Yasuhiro Inabe, the CEO of NIPPON LIFE STYLE. I succeeded my family business as the eldest son of a handmade futon craftsman. It is a bedding specialty store called “Watashi no Nemuri Inabe” in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture. my strict and quiet father taught me with these three ways of life: “Value the human bond”, “Don’t ruin things”, and “ Be glad of your hardship”. And I have been pushing forward as ” Live this day as if it were your last”.

The way of my father as a craftsman was getting to become my identity, and I also wanted to provide a better sleep to the local people as a futon craftsman, so I began to go to overseas production areas in search of hints. What I again realized when I went out was the how amazing Japan is.

And I would like to pass on the “WA no KOKORO” to future generations without forgetting

The idea of “Provide good sleep” eventually changes to the idea of “provide Japan’s good sleep”, The idea of “Provide at the local” has expanded to the idea of “provide at the world.”

Furthermore, that feeling swelled, and I was driven by a sense of mission to expand the culture and spirituality of Japan. It’s strange, but when I set out this mission, my fellows got together and the NIPPON LIFE STYLE was born.

We are moving forward through our mission with having “Wa no Kokoro” can allows us to accept that everything that happens to us is “inevitable” and “best” without resenting the fate and blaming others.
And I would like to pass on the “WA no KOKORO” to future generations without forgetting a artlessly and humble way of life of the predecessor. Thank you very much for reading the entire message.

Management Philosophy

Respect for nature, Love people, and bring “WA no KOKORO” spirit to the world.
*”WA no KOKORO” is the Japanese spirit composed of Japanese national identities such as “Harmony”, “Peaceful”, and so on.

Behavioral guidelines

  • Taking high road before calculating. Exciting is excellent.
  • Aim the world market from the beginning.
  • Make a magnificent blueprint.
  • Create a connection proactively.
  • Work on idealistic things honesty.
  • Nameless hero is the best, Hero is better.
  • be a minority elite, make valuable relationship.
  • Choose a hard way.
  • Do not compete.
  • It’s all right.


President / Sales Manager
Ryohei Mtsumoto
President / Corporate Planning Office Manager
Yoichi Hiraoka
Outside director
Keitaro Yamahori
Creative director
Kazuya Ueda
Sales Department Manager
Hajime Iwashita

Company Profile

Company name
Headquarters location
F13 Wakasugi-osaka-ekimaebiru 2-3 Sonezakishinchi Kita-ku,Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 530-0002 Japan
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Yasuhiro Inabe
Business content
・Sleep Business
・Food Business
・Wellness Business
・Environmental Business
affiliated company
Watashi no Nemuri Inabe Co., Ltd.
Organic Carbon Agricultural Promotion Research Institute Co., Ltd.
1960 Started manufacturing and selling bedding in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture
2003 Bedding Inabe Co., Ltd. (currently Watashi no Nemuri Inabe Co., Ltd.) spun off from business.Started retail sales of Japanese arts and crafts in Tokyo
2018 Inauguration of three directors.
Moved the head office from Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture to Chuo Ward, Osaka City.Started domestic wholesale business of bedding, food and miscellaneous goods, and exported and sold overseas.
2021 Moved the head office to Kita-ku, Osaka.


・7 minutes walk from Sakurabashiguchi Exit of JR Osaka Station
・3 minutes walk from Exit 9 of JR Kitashinchi Station
・2 minute walk from Exit 9 of Nishi-Umeda Station on the Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line
・ 2 minutes walk from DOTICA (underground shopping mall) C-57 exit

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